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Title:  The 3rd International Conference on Information Systems and Computing Technology
Editor(s):  Lei Zhang

   Society for Resources, Environment and Engineering

   Room A, 83 Cressingham Road, Reading, RG2 7RX, United Kingdom

Conference Title:  The 3rd International Conference on Information Systems and Computing Technology (ISCT 2015)
Conference Dates:  30-31 December 2015
Conference City:  Shanghai, China
ISBN:  978-1-908074-24-9 (Online)

   978-1-908074-23-2 (Print)

Publishing Year:   February, 2016




Preface vii

Full-text PDF:isct2015.vii.pdf


Behavior Research of E-commercialized Bank based on Network Externalities 1

Xiaohong Huang, Lei Zhuang

Full-text PDF:isct2015.01.pdf


Research on Aircraft Equipment support Task Scheduling and Optimizing Based on Maintenance Specialty 7

Li junliang, Teng kenan, Yang chouzhou

Full-text PDF:isct2015.07.pdf


5G:Green Resource Allocation Algorithms for Device-to-Device Communication 12

Guang Han, Qiang Wang , Hai-Lin Liu, Sheng-Pen Ding

Full-text PDF:isct2015.12.pdf


The mining algorithm for maximum frequent itemsets based on big data 17

Bo He, Hongyuan Zhang

Full-text PDF:isct2015.17.pdf


Longitudinal Empirical Analysis on the Consumption Structure of Urban Residents 22

Wenbin Liu

Full-text PDF:isct2015.22.pdf


Application of wavelet analysis in the vibration signal of diesel engine noise reduction techniques 28

Gen Fan,Wenbin Liu

Full-text PDF:isct2015.28.pdf


Analysis on the influence of fuze warhead distance to the fuze warhead coordination 33

Guangwei Yu, Bin Cheng,Wenbin Liu

Full-text PDF:isct2015.33.pdf

Numerical analysis of the bending performance influencing factors of FRP reinforced concrete beams 41

Wang Wenyuan, Fan Cheng

Full-text PDF:isct2015.41.pdf


Simulation on Autonomous Satellite Clock Fault Detection of GBAS 48

Lei Zhang, Jinrong Zhu

Full-text PDF:isct2015.48.pdf


Severity Analysis of Single-Vehicle Crashes with Consideration of Spatial Correlation and Heteroscedasticity 53

Biao Liu, Richard Tay, Bo Huang, Qian Xiang, Yikun Huang

Full-text PDF:isct2015.53.pdf


On Enterprise Information Systems Research Trends—Based on the Keywords Frequency Analysis of Journal EIS 2007-2015 69

Jiangping Wan, Qiaowen Jiang

Full-text PDF:isct2015.69.pdf

Study of Science and Technology Literatures Similarity Technology 77

Wen ZENG , Jie GUI , Dongling CHEN, Juanhua ZHAI

Full-text PDF:isct2015.77.pdf


Research on patent classification by extracting the content features of patent documents 81

Jie Gui, Wen Zeng, Hongqi Han, Zhaofeng Zhang

Full-text PDF:isct2015.81.pdf




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