Advances in Sciences and Engineering (ASE)
    ISSN 2046-0392
Volume 2 : Engineering Progress
    ISBN:   978-1-908074-10-2
    eISBN: 978-1-908074-11-9
Table of Contents
Application of numerical simulation in energy dissipation optimization study of small hydropower plant in mountainous area 1
YANG Bin, YANG Zhongchao
A Basic Kinematic Chains Approach to the Kinematic Configuration Analysis of Planar Mechanism 8
Songhui Nie,Bin Li,Aihong Qiu,Shuguang Gong
Analysis of the causes of accident for Unit 7 and 9 in Sayano¨CShushenskaya Hydropower Station 17
YANG Jian-dong , LI ling, WU Peng, ZHAO Kun
Study on Macroscopic Pyrolysis Characteristics and Chemical Kinetics of Organic Matter Samples related to the Occurrence of Immature-Low Mature Oils 27
Wang Min, Lu Shuangfang
Creep Property of Deep Salt-gypsum Rocks and Determination of? Reasonable Drilling Fluid Density 36
Qiang Tan,Jingen Deng,Chen Shen,Baohua Yu,Ping Li
Design of the Turbo PMAC-based control system for a forging manipulator similar model 41
Wang Xu, Guan Liwen, Cheng Ningbo, Zhang Yuhui
Kinetics of Asphaltene Cracking 47
Yingxian Zhao
Study on Harm and Treatment of Titanium Sponge Crushing Noise 55
Xie Yuanfang, Zhang Jinzhu
The Effects of Blade Aspect Ratio on Geometric Characteristics of Frequency Veering and Mistuning Sensitivity for a Bladed disk 59
ZHAO Zhi-bin£¬HE Er-ming£¬LI Yi-xuan£¬WANG Hong-jian
Experiment study on the relationship between grain distribution in anthropic surface soil and aerodynamics roughness 65
Shen xiangdong, Zhang yajing, Zhang? pengyuan
Study on Map Matching in GPS Vehicle Navigation System 72
Chen Xiuying, Jing Tao
Research on Reinforced Technology of the Return Air Uphill of Fully Mechanized Cross Mining 77
ZHAN Ping, MA Nianjie, Guo Shuyig, LI Chong
Study of sphere NC sheet metal incremental forming 82
Liuru Zhou
Vehicle System based on the Intelligent Control 85
Dou Peng£¬Ma Wengang£¬Yue Jintao
Finite Element Analysis of High-speed Machining Characteristics with Multilayer Coating Tool 91
Du Jianhong,Shang Guangqing,Yang Lili
Evolution of Recrystallization Texture in Cold Rolled Low-Carbon Steel Sheets Based on CSP Technology 95
Yiming LI, Zili JIN, Huiping REN, Yufeng WANG, Rongbin TIAN
Function-elements Matching Reservoir Formation Model and Its Application in Damintun Depression 107
LI Jian-hua,PANG Xiong-qi,SONG Bing
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