Advanced Engineering Research (AER)

  ISSN 2045-8339 (Print)

  ISSN 2045-6719 (Online)
Volume 4 : Resources and Engineering
  ISBN:   978-1-908074-08-9
  eISBN: 978-1-908074-09-6
Table of Contents
Study on Fractional Flow Curve of Early Polymer Flooding in Offshore Oilfields
Liu Rui, Jiang Hanqiao, Li Shuli, Zhang Xiansong
Experimental Study of Effects of Crystal Expansive Additives on Interfacial Bonding Quality of Cement and Casing
Bu Yu-huan£¬Liu Hua-jie£¬Song Wen-yu
A secondary heavy oil thermal recovery technology of superheated steam huff and puff
Xu Anzhu, Mu Longxin, Wu Xianghong, Fan Zifei, Zhao Lun
Fuzzy Evaluating Method for City Traffic Central Artery
Zhang Yi-hua£¬Zheng Chang-jiang
Instrumented Nanoindentation Technique and Its Applications in Measurements of Mechanical Property and Residual Stress in Micrometer Scale
Yang Li, Kang He, Yaming Huang, Chunxu Pan
Study on the Microstructure and Friction Behavior of WCu Modified Layers on the Surface of the Continuous Casting Machine Mould Copper Plate
Hai-tao Ma, Wen-ping Huang, Yan-hui Zhao, Lai Wang
Leakages Failure Analysis of the Down Pigtail Tube in the Hydrogen Manufacturing Converter
Hai-tao Ma, Yan-hui Zhao, Sheng-wang Liu, Lai Wang, Wen-ping Huang
Research on Synergistic Corrosion Inhibition Effect of HEDP-ATMP-TTA on BFe30-1-1 Copper-alloy in Circulating Cooling Water
ZHENG Qiang, LIU Qingxia?
The Geometrical Mid-axial Curvature Equation of Rectangle-section Beam with Different Strength in Tension and Compression and Its Application
Bin Li£¬Chuanxi Li, Chenglong Wei, Wuyuan Ye
Optimum Design of Horizontal Section Length of the Horizontal Wells in Sebei-2 Gas Field
Zhang Weidong, Wang Xiaolu, Zhang Dong, Yuan Wenkui
Analysis of Pullout Reason of 5-1/2¡± N80 LC Casing
Dongfeng Li, Rui Wang, Xinli Han, Peng Yang, Jun Han, Lei Zhang
The Diffusion of CO2 in Crude Oil and Its Subsequent Asphaltene Deposition
DUAN Xianggang, HOU Jirui, ZHAO Fenglan
Integrated Risk Assessments of Deep Well Drilling under Complicated Conditions Using Fault Tree Analysis: a Case Study of Northeast Sichuan
Wang Zizhen, Wang Ruihe, Bu Yuhuan, Zhang Rui, Zang Yanbin?
Empirical Methods for Determining Reasonable Well Spacing Density Based on Production Performance Data
Dehua Liu, Sun Jing
Research on selection and establishment of HACCP plan and oPRP on industrial processing of UHT milk
Aijin Ma, Wen Liu, Yuna Li, Fazheng Ren
The Experiment of CO2 Solubility in Crude oil and NaCl Solution
Wang Shaopeng, Hou Jirui, Zhao Fenglan, Li Dongdong
Effect of welding parameters on welding inherent deformations in structure materials by FEM
Rui Wang, Dongfeng Li, Xinli Han, Jianxun Zhang
Effects of Cooking and Curing Ingredients on Iridescence of Beef Semitendinosus
Rongrong Wang, Zhenzhen Sun, Hongguo Jin, Yanfeng Ji, Zengqi Peng
The Hydrolysis of Polyphosphates in Chicken Thigh Meat Studied by 31P NMR
Hongguo Jin, Zengqi Peng, Rongrong Wang, Yao Yao, Yawei Zhang
The Physico-chemical Properties and Antioxidant Capacity of Buckwheat Bran Dietary Fibers Prepared by Enzymatic and Extrusion-cooking process
Zhou Xiao-li, Qian Yun-fang,Zhou Yi-ming,Zhang Rui
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