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Title:  2014 International Conference on Civil Engineering, Energy and Environment
Editor(s):  Liquan Xie

   Society for Resources, Environment and Engineering

   Room A, 83 Cressingham Road, Reading, RG2 7RX, United Kingdom

Conference Title:  2014 International Conference on Civil Engineering, Energy and Environment (CEEE2014)
Conference Dates:  13-14 December 2014
Conference City:  Hong Kong
ISBN:  978-1-908074-20-1 (Online)

   978-1-908074-19-5 (eBook PDF)

   978-1-908074-18-8 (Print)

Publishing Year:   January, 2015
ISSN   Part of the series Advanced Engineering Research (AER, ISSN:2045-6719), Volume 5




Preface & Committee ix

Full-text PDF:ceee2014.ix.pdf


Civil Engineering
The Relative Humidity inside the Wall Structure According to the Type of Facade 1

Denisa Donova, Veronika Kucerikova

Full-text PDF:ceee2014.001.pdf


Experimental Investigation of Anchorage Length on Face Bending Behaviour of Blind Bolted Connections 6

Mohammed Mahmood, Walid Tizani, Ahmed Elamin

Full-text PDF:ceee2014.006.pdf


Strengthening the Concrete Columns Wrapped With Fiber Reinforced Polymers 11

N. Kabashi, R.Basha, C. Krasniqi, V. Nushi

Full-text PDF:ceee2014.011.pdf


Application of Interpolation Methods to Estimate Precipitation in Coastal Area Using Region Climate Change Scenarios 17

Dongwoo Jang, Hyoseon Park, Jintak Choi

Full-text PDF:ceee2014.017.pdf


Numerical study for random wave-induced porous seabed response 21

X.L. Zhou, J. Zhang , J.J. Guo, F. Xu

Full-text PDF:ceee2014.021.pdf


Structural number determined with the falling weight deflectometer and used as benchmark methodology 26

Emile Horak, Arno Hefer, James Maina and Steve Emery

Full-text PDF:ceee2014.026.pdf


The Biological Damage of Thermally Insulated Facades 37

Veronika Kucerikova , Denisa Donova, Lucie Kucerova, Jiri Winkler and Darja Kubeckova

Full-text PDF:ceee2014.037.pdf

Structural engineering
Research on mechanical properties of laminated neoprene bridge bearing pads under thermal aging condition 42

Yannian Zhang, Chunhong Shan, Qingjie Wang

Full-text PDF:ceee2014.042.pdf


Experimental Research on Seismic Performance of High-Strength Concrete Short Column Reinforced with High-Strength Rebar 54

YAN Shi, SUN Shuang-xi, CHEN Xin and WU Yu-mo

Full-text PDF:ceee2014.054.pdf


Precast concrete panels reinforcement analysis based on non-uniform bearing stress 60

Liu Wei-dong, Gao Ying

Full-text PDF:ceee2014.060.pdf


Bending behaviors of high strength steel reinforced concrete beam at high temperature in a fire 66

Yunchun XIA

Full-text PDF:ceee2014.066.pdf

Performance Tests on New Developed High Damping Magnetorheological Elastomers 73

Jun-Tao Zhu, Huai Chen, Hui Qian, Zhao-Dong Xu

Full-text PDF:ceee2014.073.pdf


Seismic Collapsing Analysis of Two-Story Wooden House, Kyo-machiya, against Strong Earthquake Ground Motion 81

Tomiya Takatani

Full-text PDF:ceee2014.081.pdf


Seismic Response Analysis on Single Cable Twin-Towers half-floating System Cable-stayed Bridge 90

Huijun Wu, Jing Zhao, Zhongchang Wang

Full-text PDF:ceee2014.090.pdf


Seismic Design of Nanchang Chao-yang Bridge 94

Wang Fengming, Yuan Wancheng, Dang Xinzhi, Lin Zeng

Full-text PDF:ceee2014.094.pdf


Analysis of Shear Lag Effect of Box Beam under Dead Load 101

Qi Wang, Hongsheng Qiu

Full-text PDF:ceee2014.101.pdf


Transient Dynamic Analysis of Simple Railway Bridge under Train Moving Load 106

Melaku S., Hongsheng Qiu

Full-text PDF:ceee2014.106.pdf


Simplified Calculation Method for Calculating Flexural Capacity of OATCFCST-SCBJ 112

Zhao Ming, Li Ming,Wen Yuting,Liu Yong

Full-text PDF:ceee2014.112.pdf


A quick method for the stability of jack-up platform towage 119

Yang Jiao, Shilun Feng, Hongying Liu

Full-text PDF:ceee2014.119.pdf


Geotechnical engineering
Submarine Pipeline Design in the South China Sea 125

ZHAO Dang, HE Ning, LIU Run, WANG Bo, LIU Meng-meng, WANG Meng, HUANG Hui-di

Full-text PDF:ceee2014.125.pdf


Lateral response characteristics of single pile in the inclined soil surface under lateral loads 137

WU Feng, GONG Jinghai, ZHUO Yang

Full-text PDF:ceee2014.137.pdf


Application of Geocell in Cold Regions Canal Slope Protection 150

E. L. Wang, X. C. Liu

Full-text PDF:ceee2014.150.pdf


The analysis of temperature field distribution in Houanshan tunnel 157

MI Junfeng, SONG He, YE Chaoliang

Full-text PDF:ceee2014.157.pdf


A New Rockburst Proneness Index Based on Energy Principle 164

Chun Mo, Hou-kun Tan, Guo-shao Su, Jian-qing Jiang

Full-text PDF:ceee2014.164.pdf


Water Hazard Characteristics of PiShuangAo Karst Tunnel 169

Chen An, Zhou Yi, Chen Lu

Full-text PDF:ceee2014.169.pdf


Evaluation of Predominant Period of Ground Surface Layer Using Microtremors in Maizuru City 175

Hayato Nishikawa, Tomiya Takatani

Full-text PDF:ceee2014.175.pdf


Experimental Study on Seepage-induced Deformation of Light Silt Sandy Loam in Dongtai, Jiangsu Province 183
Gongxun Liu, Jiachun Yin, Guojun Hong, Feixin Wang, Qian Ma, Yehui Zhu

Full-text PDF:ceee2014.183.pdf


Energy and Environmental engineering
Numerical and Experimental Studies of Soil Scour Caused by Currents near Foundations of Gravity-Type Platforms 190

Gaydarov N. A., Zakharov Y. N., Ivanov K. S., Semenov K. K., Lebedev V. V., Nudner I. S., Belyaev N. D., Mishina A. V., Schemelinin L. G.

Full-text PDF:ceee2014.190.pdf


The Influence of Bed Friction on Long Wave Run-up 197

Haifei Liu, Jie Zhang, Yanwei Zhao, Minghui Yu

Full-text PDF:ceee2014.197.pdf


Assessment of the Impact of Heat-Conducting Inclusions to Reduced Heat Transfer Resistance of External Sandwich Walls Made of Lightweight Concrete with Glass-Like Aggregates 203

E.A. Korol, A.A. Davidyuk, A.A. Zolotarev

Full-text PDF:ceee2014.203.pdf



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