Advanced Engineering Research (AER)

  ISSN 2045-8339 (Print)

  ISSN 2045-6719 (Online)
Volume 2 : Architecture and Civil Engineering
  eISBN: 978-1-908074-02-7
  ISBN:   978-1-908074-03-4
Table of Contents
Two 3D spring elements and their applications for nonlinear analysis based on the co-rotational formulation 1
KANG Lan, SU Lin-wang
Research on the Evaluation of Strength for Bulk in Existing Masonry Structures Using Rebound Method 7
Chen Dachuan , Chen Tingzhu , Shi Chuxian
Research on a Green Roof Integrated Photovoltaic Systemfor Bi-objective Optimization of Investment Value and CO2 Emission 11
Jieli Sui , Shaoling Wang?
Nonlinear Structural Damage Detection Based on the Improved Unscented Kalman Filter 19
Qi Quanquan, Xin Kegui, Cui Dingyu?
A Study on PHC Pipe Pile Driving Control System on the Basis of Wave Theory 26
Dai Yu-wen, Lv Huang, Tan De-yin
Experimental Research of Mechanical Properties of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Wall-Beams Simply Supported 31
Su Qi, Nian Liu, Songbai Jiang, Dejun Zhou
Extant buildings energy-conservation transformation and Assessment of Energy Consumption 35
Di Peng, Luo Jing
Use of Desulphurizing Slag in Non-autoclaved Aerated Concrete 41
You-zhi Chen, Guo-gang Li, Xiao-mei Cao
Influences Polypropylene Fiber on Early Plastic Shrinking Behavior of Concrete 47
Wenhui Bai, Xiaorong Shao, Binxiang Sun
Seismic-Resistant Analysis and Design of Large-span cable-stayed structure 51
Lu Jiasen
The Shakedown Analysis About Layered Pavement Under Traffic Load 55
Guan Zhanwei, Dai Yuwen, Niu Guangyou, Sun Yang
Thinking On the History of Religious Space 59
Dong Fei, Yang Weixiang
Flexural Behavior of Corrosion ĘC Damaged RC Beams Strengthened with CFRP 65
Linwang Su, Pengwei Xiao, Ruolin Hu, Guobao Li, Youyuan Wang
Numerical simulation of crack propagation of high strength steel 72
Minghua He, Kegui Xin, Dingyu Cui
Research on The Mechanical and Anti-cracking Properties of Cement-Desulfurization Residue Stabilized Crushed-Stones 76
Ming-kai ZHOU, Jia LIU, Xiao CHEN, Zhi-yong FAN
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